What is bleisure? The latest trend in business travel tourism

Bleisure”, which is the combination of leisure and business, is expanding and, in fact, statistics confirm that 36% of those who travel for business also take advantage of a few days of free time. Discover this new tourism trend.
How many times have you wondered what is bleisure and why is it so fashionable? This term is the result of combining business and leisure, in other words, business and leisure. It is, therefore, the practice of organizing these business trips with a view to extending your stay during the weekend in order to enjoy free time in the city of destination.

There are many people who bet on bleisure. The High-Value City Tourism report, prepared by the IE Business School in collaboration with Mastercard, concludes that more than half of those who travel for work organize the trip thinking of adding some day for tourism. In addition, 67 percent of these travelers admit that they have free time when they go to a city for work.

Another study by Booking.com for Business confirms the positive figures. For example, in Spain, 55% of travelers are happy with their corporate travel, to the extent that almost 30% of them would be willing to accept a lower salary if it meant more travel.

What is bleisure? The latest trend in business travel tourism

According to the 1st Brain Trust Tourism Barometer, men are more likely than women to stay longer. Most choose to be left alone. However, the former also prefer to share these sightseeing days with their co-workers, while women often do so with their families. Some changes in the trip that are usually confirmed at the last minute.

Working hours have become more demanding and technology has broken down the barriers between personal and professional life. These, therefore, have become the main reasons for the expansion of bleisure. And the results have been satisfactory. Those who practice labor, as it is known in Spanish, recognize that they work better, have less stress and achieve greater productivity in their results.

What is bleisure: the best destinations to combine business and leisure?

Plan a business trip to fall on Thursdays and Fridays so that you can extend your stay throughout the weekend. But where? Successful bleisure destinations are those that are conceived as a whole. That is to say, there is the possibility of business, but also of enjoying free time. Shopping is also the favorite activity of those who combine work and personal life in these places. Some of them are:

London. For many, the New York of Europe. The British capital’s transport, communications and a wide choice of hotels makes it easy to get to the City, its well-known financial district, and to the best bars, restaurants, leisure centers and places to discover. In addition to being a hub of business on this continent, it also has many tourist attractions to visit in your spare time. And yes, prolonging your stay is worth it.
What is bleisure? The latest trend in business travel tourism
Frankfurt. The financial capital of Germany is home to the European Central Bank, the most specialized international trade fairs and the DAX exchange. Credentials that make this a powerful business town. A place where the skyscrapers mix with its old and medieval old town full of popular breweries, where you can rest from an intense day’s work. The neighborhoods, squares, parks and pedestrian areas are places to get lost to enjoy tourism.

Tokyo. The favorite city of the big international electronic companies is the capital of Japan. This is where Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Kawasaki, and others are located. More than 13 million people move through its streets and also in the business world. However, stress deserves a break. In Tokyo, you can visit Asakusa, Ueno and Yoyogi parks, the Roppongi area or the Tsukiji market.

Barcelona. Behind Rome, Paris, and London, Barcelona is, according to Cinco Días, the fourth most attractive city in Europe. For this reason, it has become one of the main capitals where combining business and leisure is very easy. The shopping is a basic point, but its natural environment, its different tourist spots, the nightlife and the offer of excursions to its surroundings are the fundamental factors to consider it a bleisure city.


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