Switchfit test report: The 8-week online boot camp makes kilos fall!

In every weekly women’s magazine, without exception, there is a new, ultimate fat-way diet, which guarantees effortless weight loss already during reading. Those who try it give up due to lack of long-term motivation, lack of serotonin release (chocolate) or lack of success. Whoever makes it will be punished – ungrateful as life is – with the yo-yo effect. Because the old habits were stronger after all. With Switchfit this should not happen anymore. The start-up offers an 8-week nutrition and fitness programme, taking into account a valuable component: Motivation. We took a closer look.

Get fit online

Online fitness studios, online yoga studios – why not online weight loss programs? Switch it offers an 8-week course to finally get to grips with excess pounds. Weight loss should be achievable without impairing the quality of life. The programme aims to ensure success through a holistic approach.

Recipes, fitness videos and last but not least the personal contact to a personal trainer team are part of Switchfit. So that the thing does not become lonely or boring, Community and running Quests including points should provide for long-term motivation. In any case, direct contact is a big plus with which Switchfit visibly differs.

Ready, Set, Go

Create an account, log in, here we go. In front of me, the Switch fit Dashboard with intro video opens.

On the dashboard, there is a lively discussion about training successes and the quest of the day wants to be done by me. Slowly for now. Finally, there is a workout of the day and an academy that wants to teach me the basics. Using the navigation I can choose whether I am more interested in the kitchen or the gym. After a while I’ve got the hang of it – for bloody beginners like me, the initial overview could still be a bit clearer.

Delicious, delicious: the recipes

The walk into the virtual kitchen reveals an extensive recipe library. More than 300 dishes are waiting to be cooked and enjoyed. And they’re really delicious: from quinoa egg breakfast for the morning quick start to tasty basil burgers for lunch and turkey schnitzel with salad for meat lovers. Does not look like losing weight at first glance, but tends to be low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Thumbs up.

Recipes from Switchfit

If you use the planner, which can also be reached via the main navigation, you can conjure up a complete menu plan for the next few days using the “Inspire me” button. This takes time to boil through – but a healthy, balanced diet with a weight loss factor is guaranteed.

Sweating for the dream figure: the gym

The gym is the place to go. After all, exercise is the second, decisive factor after proper nutrition in order to lose weight effectively. The Switch fit trainer team has a whole series of exercises and workouts in the photo and video format ready to animate the slimming community to more movement. The workouts can be imported to the dashboard to guarantee the daily portion of the movement.


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