Responsible technology: the best apps to take care of the environment

Care for the environment has become one of the most widespread concerns today. The human being has been using the natural resources that nature provides us with for years and, on the contrary, has been projecting on it the consequences, both positive and negative, of its activity and progress in different areas.

One of the sectors that have experienced the greatest development in recent decades has been technology. Thousands of devices such as household appliances, televisions, computers, tablets and, above all, mobile phones are produced every day, with all the negative effects that this entails. What many of us do not take into account is that technology, when well used, can also help to protect the environment.

Our mobile phone, for example, can be a great tool when it comes to acquiring good habits, as well as beneficial for the environment, through different apps that will allow you to, among other actions, save water or energy, recycle, make more sustainable purchases, learn about air quality…

Here are some of the most useful mobile applications to help us with this task.

Recycling Guide
It is one of the most important applications in Spanish for recycling. Created by Ecoembes (one of the most important national organizations in terms of environmental protection through recycling), it teaches the user how to correctly separate organic waste from paper and cardboard, plastic and packaging, glass, metal… and dispose of all of them in the appropriate container.

The app also has a search engine in which the user can search for all types of products and know, instantly, in which container to deposit them.

This application is available for both Android and iOS.

Recently launched by a Spanish startup, Mirubee allows, through a meter that is located in the electrical panel of our home and connected to the WiFi network, to analyze the power consumption of each of the devices we have at home. This app is perfect for detailed monitoring of household power consumption.

In addition, you can set up different alerts and notifications to help you avoid consumption peaks and also receive personalized instructions to increase energy efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions.

The only drawback of Mirabel is that the meter needed for the proper functioning of the app has a price of 119 €. However, those responsible for the application point out that the reduction in the monthly electricity bill can be around 15%.

This app is also compatible with all devices.

Go Green: Carbon Tracker
This is a very interesting application, as it analyses the carbon footprint produced by our daily activities: from electricity consumption at home to the use of public or private transport. Thanks to it, the user can know, based on a scale that determines the app itself, if its activities are environmentally friendly.

Once the habits with room for improvement have been detected, the app itself will offer the user advice and alternatives on how to change some of their habits, acquiring a more sustainable behavior.

Carbon Tracker has one disadvantage, and that is that it is only available for iOS systems.

Plume Air Report
Developed by atmospheric information scientists, Plume Air Report works similarly to a weather forecast. It allows knowing, in real time, the pollution levels of a specific area. In addition, it forecasts how the air quality in this area will evolve within 24 hours of the consultation. This information can be very useful for the user to decide at what time of day to do some activities, for example, physical exercise outdoors, thus breathing in cleaner air.

The app also features an analysis of historical data and includes an FAQ section and a blog to understand the state of the atmosphere and improve the air you breathe.


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