Removing Window Tint by Scraping Method

It can be quite expensive to employ a person who will get rid of the tint film on your automobile. They could bill as long as applying a new one and also many people who require their tints got rid of does not have the deluxe of investing a lot of money. Do you need to know exactly how to remove car window tint yourself? You could make use of the saturating and scratching technique to eliminate the tint on your home window.


  • Step 1: Prepare the required products like a razor blade, squeegee, soap, water, spray container, and a lint totally free fabric.
  • Step 2: Start making a tiny cut using the razor blade. Make sure that the cut is not also big due to the fact that it can be hard to peel it off. Make sure that it is not too small since it will certainly be taxing if you will certainly be making use of little cuts to remove the film.
  • Step 3: Meticulously peel off the tint film however know that you won’t have the ability to eliminate them at one time.
  • Step 4: Use the soap and water service and also spray it on the staying adhesive. It will certainly make it subside and simpler to peel off the tint.
  • Step 5: Utilize a squeegee to remove the staying adhesives as well as tint. You could likewise utilize your razor blade however beware not to reduce on your own or damage your car’s home window when doing it.
  • Step 6: Besides the tint has been gotten rid of, make use of a glass cleaner or a combination of soap and water to get rid of any continuing to be adhesives. Ensure to dry your windows with a lint complimentary fabric or a rubber cloth to soak up the remaining water.

Do the same process throughout all your windows and you will certainly be done. Scraping as well as soaking method is a bit lengthy compared to the other window tint removal techniques. It is much cheaper as well as easier though compared to the other methods.

This method is only made use of if you are eager to risk your window. Some people regretted using this method not since they just weren’t able to eliminate the film however since there were small scrapes in their home windows. It is recommended to use a squeegee instead of a razor blade to eliminate the film from your windows. If you don’t intend to take the danger, after that it would certainly be best to let an expert do it for you.


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