Ideas For Extended Weekends

is the perfect year for short trips: While in 2016 almost all holidays fell on Saturday or Sunday, in the new year it is mostly weekdays! With the right planning and a few bridging days, you can look forward to up to ten long weekends, which you can fill with new mini adventures as you like.

In the next few lines you’ll find out when you should sign up for a holiday this year to take advantage of all the holidays and where a weekend trip is worthwhile.

Short trips

Brückentage & Co. – Ideas and planning for extended weekends !

Long weekends and bridge days

January is the perfect month to start your calendar and plan your trips for the whole year. This year, the holidays are completely on your side, because depending on where you live in Germany, you have the chance of up to ten extended weekends!

National Holidays

In fact, most of the nationwide holidays this year fall on a Monday or Friday. The only exceptions are New Year’s Day (Sunday), Ascension Day and German Unification Day. The last two, however, can each be transformed into a super-long weekend by a bridge day. That makes a total of four long weekends, without you having to use even one holiday day. Additionally there are two really long weekends on top with the two bridge days.

So so that you can plan all six long weekends, you should take the days off on 26 May and 2 October .

Regional Holidays

If you’re lucky enough to be at home in Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg, for example, there’s reason to be happy: It’s well known that individual German states still have a few regional holidays, which in will almost all fall on a Friday or Monday or can be turned into a long weekend with the help of a bridge day. These include, for example, Corpus Christi, All Saints’ Day and the Day of Prayer and Repentance.

As an Augsburger you won the Brückentagslotterie, because besides the national and Bavarian holidays you don’t have to work on the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Augsburg Peace Festival!

But also the rest of Germany didn’t suffer badly this year – now all you have to do is decide where your short trips should take you!

Ideas for long weekends

Mini road trips

From Germany, you don’t always have to get on the plane to embark on a new adventure. On the contrary: with a car you not only see more, but you are also totally flexible. You don’t necessarily have to plan several weeks for this – a long weekend is enough to pack your backpack, turn on the radio and make the streets of Europe unsafe!

However, good planning of such a mini road trip is important: so that you don’t just sit in the car for three days, you should choose short stages and relatively close destinations. The more time you spend on your road trip, the more you can explore the area around each stop. The weekends, which are extended to four days by a bridge day, are therefore perfect for a road adventure!

Through the north: Hamburg – Kolding – Copenhagen – Trelleborg – Hamburg

If you are at home in Northern Germany, a short road trip through the bordering Scandinavian countries is a good idea. We start in Hamburg in the direction of Denmark. Depending on how much time you bring with you, you can make a short detour to the Wadden Lake National Park on the west coast before your first stop in Kolding. Kolding itself is a quiet and super green city. In addition to a leisurely stroll through the old town, a visit to Funky Monkey Park is worthwhile, where several climbing adventures await you.

On your way to Copenhagen you will pass the third largest city in the country, Odense. Don’t miss the open-air museum Funen Village, where you can see what happened in Denmark during the reign of Hans-Christian-Andersen. Along with Red Square and Nyhavn, Danish pastries and Smørrebrød are among the absolute highlights of the Danish capital.

Over the Öresund Bridge we continue to Malmö. In the small Swedish town you can relax and stroll. Best in the quarter around the market place. Cool is also the former harbour promenade, from which you can look as far as Copenhagen. Or you can treat yourself to a little relaxation and go to Ribersborgs Kallbadhus. From the saunas you look directly at the sea, so that after the sweating you can cool off at the same time. From Trelleborg you take the ferry either to Rostock or to Lübeck, from where you start your journey home to Hamburg.

Eastern Europe: Dresden – Prague – Breslau – Bunzlau – Dresden

The eastern border triangle around Dresden is made for a mini road trip. The first thing you do from Dresden is to get to Prague. If you have more time, a short detour via Saxon Switzerland and a visit to the Bastei is an absolute must. In Prague itself a city walk with a private guide, who has some insider tips in stock, is recommendable. On you can book your tour in advance. If you would rather explore the Czech capital on your own, then just start walking – there are virtually no corners here that are not worth seeing!

Your next stop is Trutnov. The village is close to the Karkonoski National Park, where a Giant Mountains, a peat bog and some cool waterfalls are waiting for you. Back on the road we continue to Poland. The landmark of Wroclaw are dwarves and you can find them everywhere on the streets and footpaths – very bizarre, but cool! There are also lots of cute little cafés, bistros and bars where you can really eat well. The Central Café, for example, is perfect for this. Via Bunzlau and a small detour through Przemkowski Park you return to Dresden.

Adventure in the southwest: Stuttgart – Lembach – Strasbourg – Colmar – Zurich – Stuttgart

For the south of Germany, not only Munich is a good starting point for a mini road trip, but also Stuttgart. From Swabia it goes to the French Lembach. Leave your car there and explore the castle ruins of the Northern Vosges on a hike. There are plenty of different routes available for you to choose from. Afterwards your way leads you to Strasbourg, where the ascent to the cathedral Notre Dame is particularly worthwhile. Before you leave the city for Colmar to the south, there is a flambé cake at Au Brasseur on the programme.

In Colmar you will be expected by one of the most unreal old towns ever. The core of the city consists of old and quite adventurously built half-timbered houses, which are colorfully painted. Together with the cobblestone pavement and the many bridges, this is a really cool sight. Of course, your visit to Alsace must not end until you have tried a piece of Gugelhupf. The Maison Alsacienne De Biscuiterie is the best place to visit.

Next on your road trip programme is Switzerland, or more precisely the city of Zurich. Before you explore the great old town, it’s best to get an overview on the Polyterrasse, right next to the university. After you’ve chilled on Lake Zurich for a while and got a tasty pretzel from the king of pretzels, you’ll return to Stuttgart via the motorway.

Outdoor adventure trips

The coolest adventures usually wait right on your doorstep! Germany and our neighbouring countries are full of ingenious places where you can add the thrill and a huge adrenaline rush for free. Usually you will find several offers in one place and don’t have to travel long distances. So nothing stands in the way of one or more short outdoor adventure trips on the long weekends!